About Bizprac

What is Bizprac?

Bizprac is an Australian owned and operated software company that has been partnering with Australian builders for almost 30 years. Bizprac is designed specifically for the building industry and contains all of the functionality required to run a successful, and profitable, construction company from a single software system.

Bizprac is a fully-integrated, constantly evolving software system that includes estimating, job costing, accounting, invoicing, purchasing, single touch payroll, builder retentions and more.

Whether you’re a commercial, residential, or even an architectural builder, Bizprac will help your business reach its full potential.

The History of Bizprac

We started as a small operation running out of a home office in Bundaberg. Over 25 years ago we developed an initial set of builder software called Toolbox Software. Toolbox was designed to cater for the estimating and accounting needs in the building industry. Initially, Toolbox was offered free, as advertising banners within the program paid for the development.

We wanted to create more success for more builders. So in 2000 the business moved to Brisbane and the product, which by now had evolved, was rebranded. It became Bizprac Software for builders.

Feedback from customers meant that advertising was removed from the program and a subscription fee was introduced instead. Then, builder industry-specific payroll was developed which made Bizprac even more popular.

Over the past few years, a dedicated team of developers have re-written the software into a modern computer coding language. This means we are more compatible with the ever changing needs of not only the building and construction industry, but the ever changing ATO requirements and legislation.

Together, our owner (an ex-builder) with 45 years building experience, and the dedicated staff from the industry, want you to create wealth for you and your families. Our goal is to partner with you to understand where you want to take your business. Then support you in the best use of the software to achieve your vision.

When you are successful – we are successful – Bizprac is Software for Builders