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“…this is the software package for our industry”

Dave – Builder. And (multi-million dollar) Building Company owner,
Bizprac user for 8 years.

Construction Management and Building Quoting Software for Australia

You need one system to be the backbone of your business. We have built that system. With builders using it we have continually improved it over 25 years. The software available to you today is designed to solve the core challenges of the growing building company.

An Australian construction estimating management software for builders

We are here to set you up with the right construction management tool and advice to give you more time, more accuracy in one system with integrated functions so you only enter data once.

Gain Control of
budgets & Actuals

Our integrated system allows you to see costs from estimate through to completion in real time.


Streamlined processes with single
entry of data, makes tax time a
click of a button, literally..!

Have more confidence
in your business

The built-in processes, means single data entry & repeatable work practice, that supports predictable results.

Where our builders estimating software comes in

Building & Construction Estimating and Management Software in Australia

From providing you with building quoting software, through to tools for your invoicing operations, our system is fully integrated for job costing and managing your cash flow and profits. Using Bizprac will streamline your business procedures and guide you towards managing your business to build maximum profits.

We understand the building industry. It’s not hard to build a successful business in this market, but it will take effort and you will need the right building quoting systems and tools and advice to make this work for you more quickly. We have been there and done that. Our builders estimating and management software is designed to set you up with the right tools, advice and skills to get you repeatable and successful.

At Bizprac, we understand the needs of clients, and our industry, and over the last 25 years, we have translated that knowledge into one construction estimating and management software package that provides a solid backbone for any builder’s business.

We understand the core problems of trying to manage your building company as it is growing and often where you end up is not where you would have liked to be. Do any of these core problems resonate with you…? Building companies live with these problems day in, day out. These problems inhibit growth, take up our time and reduce our confidence. It’s not hard to create a successful building company—residential or commercial—but it will take time and effort to get off those poorly designed systems and workarounds and onto one system that can be the backbone of your business. We have worked with hundreds of builders to make this transition. We are here to set you up with the right tools and advice to give you more time, more accuracy in our construction management software system with integrated functions so you only enter data once.

Rafal - Lares Homes

“At our previous employer, a large building company, we became familiar with the functionality of a large construction software product from Sage.  So when we went to the market to look for software, our aim was to find similar functionality at a fraction of the price.  We knew it was a tall order.  The only product that provided the full functionality was Bizprac.  Bizprac was built by builders for builders and this was evident to us when we reviewed the product. We were very impressed with the value for money that Bizprac provided and now that we have started to use it, we’re also impressed with the support and ease of use. We’re very happy with Bizprac!”

Rafal Zuliamis
RPG Homes 2

“We have been using Bizprac for more than a year now. I love it!  It tells us how much money is going in and out of the business, where each job is at, the cost of each stage of each job, everything!  It’s easy to use and anyone can use it!  My Bizprac screen is open all day on my second screen, I don’t need to refer to paper files, everything I need is on Bizprac! I can’t think of anything that it doesn’t do!”

Katia Rogers
Casey Builders 2

“Being a builder and owning our own business, it is critical for us to have a building software package that can assist me to maximise all areas of efficiency in the business. The Bizprac system allows us as a business to manage the building and construction side as well as maintaining an up to date record of how we are tracking financially. Having a system that works well with us allows us to deliver high-quality service to our customers and suppliers at a competitive rate. we are equally impressed with the team from Bizprac administration and help desk who arealways able to assist us with any inquiries or further training to maximise our program use.”

Peter Casey

“We reviewed about half a dozen systems before choosing Bizprac. We found other systems were over-engineered and would have made life more difficult. Bizprac has saved us an enormous amount of time from an administrative perspective, and has reduced the time it takes us to prepare a quote significantly. It allows us to track job costs against budget in real-time and manage contract variations with greater visibility, it is great to know how we are tracking at any stage.”

Hollie McPherson
Additional Concepts Logo

“I’ve been using Bizprac for 20 years.  I like it because it’s easy to use and I can cost jobs easily.  I went on holidays for seven months and, using Bizprac, I was able to run the business remotely”

We Understand your Frustrations...

If you reading this, I am guessing you have experienced a loss on a project and realise you need to make changes to the way you estimate. An accurate estimate will need a few things in place; Current Pricing from the suppliers which “You” use; Estimate Breakdown (cost centres) of how you would like to manage the project, an Accurate Bill of Quantities; Know your overheads. With Bizprac, there is no more need to do a rough quote and cross your fingers; in a similar amount of time you can produce a detailed quotation giving you confidence in your profit margin.

If you are reading this, I am guessing you have experienced a loss on a project and you realised you need to make changes in the way you track your Budget to Actuals. To accurately track costs you need a few things in place; Accurate and current Pricing from your suppliers; “Cost Centres” allow you to track Budget to Actuals so you can see where in the project you are making/ losing money; with Bizprac you can keep your finger on the pulse in “Real Time”, this allows you to forward plan for the unexpected, not run your project looking in the rear vision mirror.

Would you use a hammer when you need a drill? The same goes for managing your finances. To have confidence in whether you are making or losing money, you need to be able to see your project and overhead costs in real time. You need and up to date database of costs; a methodology to track over runs in “Real Time” and the ability to make adjustments on the fly to minimise your risk of finishing the entire project over budget. Bizprac allows you to streamline processes to save you time in both project job cost management and the contract administration.

We often see builders using (about) three software programs to support their company, but we have observed time taken in data entry, is a real inhibitor to growth and a key risk factor. Enter Data; Repeat; And one more time; by now you can probably relate to what we are saying. At Bizprac we streamline this process by having a single point of entry, from the estimate a click to select the items for a purchase order, your Creditor Invoice is just a simple click and the information imports again so you just need to cast an eye over it; takes about 30 seconds to do your Invoice !!

I am guessing if you are reading this, you have fallen victim to spending hours or even days getting your accounting program up to date so you can provide your information to the accountant who will charge you an arm and a leg to lodge your BAS. Bizprac has processes which allow your information to be collated automatically, by running your business day to day, this means at Tax Time, your BAS is a click of a button and ready in about 30 seconds !! Using your AUSkey you can also upload directly to the ATO saving you thousands of dollars

I am guessing if you are reading this, you want more for your business and appreciate that reputation in the market place, together with streamlined and efficient processes, are areas you need to improve. Business reputation in the marketplace, when combined with the right methodologies, and clear direction, is a recipe for success. Bizprac, can provide you with a process to empower you to provide a professional quotation for your client in as little as an hour or two; you have the confidence knowing your margins will be realised. Bizprac allows you to manage project costs in “Real Time”; you can foresee problems as they arrive, not after the event.

So if you’re reading this I am guessing you know you want to expand but not sure how. Some will say, if you want to grow my business, win more projects; what you first need to understand is more jobs do not equate to bigger business, unless you are realising your margins on every job. Growing your business is a combination of things, you won’t have all the skills to do everything yourself so firstly, know your weaknesses and secondly, contract the skills of specialists to fill the gaps. Bizprac is owned by an (ex) builder with 45 years’ experience, our software is dedicated to the needs of the building industry let us show you, how with the right projects and processes, you can grow and realise your dreams.

If you are reading this, I am guessing you are frustrated with the amount of time it takes you to create purchase orders and in fact , I bet, at times you don’t bother as you don’t have the time. Bizprac allows you to speed up Purchase Orders for materials, at the click of a button, the information is already there in your estimate, the product codes are already there, in your supplier pricelists. You are able to compare prices and change suppliers on the fly while creating the purchase order. Why not attach a plan or a http link to the purchase order to help your supplier, Bizprac can do that too.

I bet if you are reading this, you are frustrated with using excel spreadsheets or similar to manage your retentions, generic accounting packages just don’t stack up in this area as they are in “Building Industry” specific and therefore don’t understand the requirements. Bizprac is owned by an (Ex) builder with 45 years’ experience and understands your frustrations. One builder told us he had forgotten about a $60,000.00 retention which had been held against him, what would you do with that $60.000.00?