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Automatically create order from estimate


Send “Request for Quotes”


Compare prices & change suppliers whilst creating purchase order.


Automatically allocate orders to jobs


Attach “Subcontractor Terms and Conditions”


Embed “hot links” or attach plans


One click order creation


Import Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and assign your supplier of choice


Import price lists from supplier


Watch: Speed up the production of your purchase orders

Speed Up Construction Business Purchase Orders

If you are reading this, we’re guessing you’re frustrated with the amount of time it takes you to create your construction business purchase orders. In fact, we bet, at times you don’t even bother as you don’t have the time.

Most construction businesses start out as a single builder honing their techniques and learning how to win and deliver jobs. They start out using spreadsheets to quote, MS Word for letters to customers and their accountant helping out along the way. Then they purchase an accounting package, then an estimating system. The main game here is to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We often see builders using approximately three software applications to support their construction business. However, we’ve observed time taken in data entry, is a real inhibitor to growth and a key risk factor.

Does this sound familiar? When you want to create a purchase order, you have to create a document and type all the materials into it for the supplier and hope that you don’t make a mistake when typing their product code. You might end up with 50 of something you don’t want and none of what you need. Then when the creditor invoice comes in you have to try and make time to correlate the information.

Have you ever forgotten to order something and it has wrecked your schedule?

Do you feel like some of your suppliers are taking advantage of the fact you don’t have time to shop around for prices?

Bizprac allows you to import price lists from all of your suppliers (we find that they can provide this in an excel spreadsheet or a

.csv file). Therefore, not only are you creating an estimate with your own prices, purchase orders are a breeze.

Bizprac will allow you to import a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and assign your supplier of choice. Alternatively, you can manually create the products in your estimate by a simply drag and drop from your pricelist into your estimate.

Either way, when you are ready to create a purchase order, you simply highlight the items in your estimate and click on an option to create a purchase order. It’s so simple! You’re ready in about 30 seconds to send the purchase order off.

Bizprac also understands that some products you might not want it all on site at the same time (for example timber). So you can do your purchase orders for the quantities you want when you need.

You can even create your construction business purchase orders for materials simply with a click of a button. The information is already there in your estimate. The product codes are already there in your supplier price lists. You are able to compare prices and change suppliers on the fly while creating your construction business purchase order. Why not attach a plan or an “http” link to the purchase order to help your supplier, Bizprac can do that too.

If you are interested to see how Bizprac can help save you time and money in your business, please contact us on 1800 009 970 to discuss; alternatively,  view a demonstration of Bizprac to see how you can save time prevent errors.