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Track your budgeted hours against your actual labour hours.

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Bizprac construction payroll software allows you to manage staff documentation such as certificates, site documentation, licenses and other important information. It also allows you to manage the costs of staff documentation to your construction business.

Setting up an employee is easy. If you do commercial work, you have probably experienced the payroll nightmare of having a

different award for each different commercial site. Now you no longer need to pull your hair out when you use Bizprac construction payroll software to manage your staff and payroll. That’s because each staff member is set up with the different award hourly rates. That means you can calculate exactly what they cost your building company.

A construction payroll example:

Let’s say you are paying a staff member $25.00 per hour. Of course you’re also paying, tax, super, maybe providing them with tools of their trade, maybe a vehicle or other items they might need. So now, you might calculate the true cost of that person as $50.00 per hour.

When you are costing staff members to a project, it is important

to cost them as a “real” cost to the company not just what you are paying them. Continuing with the example above, let’s say on a project you have allocated 100 hours for that staff member, if you only allocated at the wage rate of $25/hour you’ve missed their true cost to the company of $50 per hour. That means you have just lost $2,500.00.

Setting and using charge out rates

Of course you’re unlikely to only charge your staff out at what they cost you. That would not make good business sense. You need to make a profit to be in business. Once you know the cost of a staff member, Bizprac construction payroll software also allows you to set them up with a “Charge out” rate. So if you set the “charge out” for them at $80.00 per hour in the example you are now recouping an additional $5,500.00. Where

else in your project could you be losing money?

Once staff have been set up, using Bizprac construction payroll software is easy. You simply import timecard information, along with the job numbers, via MS Excel. This gives you the confidence in knowing you are allocating exact costs to your project and not just an hourly wage rate.

Track Budgeted vs Actual Hours

With Bizprac fully integrated construction payroll software you can now easily track your budgeted hours against your actual labour hours.

Single Touch Payroll compliant, manages awards, costs and staff payroll

Bizprac construction payroll software is Single Touch Payroll compliant and SuperStream ready. It has been developed to easily manage the intricate awards found in the building and construction industry. Using Bizprac software for builders allows you manage your cost, charge out rates, RDO and other allowances. It also allows you to easily email out all of your

payslips and group certificates. Payments to staff can be done via ABA files if you have this capability with your bank.

If you would like more information on how Bizprac can save you time and prevent errors, contact us by email or phone. We would love to help!