Job Management

At a glance…

Construction project management software designed for builders


Know job status and resource levels in real-time


Schedule jobs, staff & resources

For the multitude of small tasks undertaken by staff and employees.

Collaborate with your workforce


Add notes to jobs


Easily Manage and Invoice Cost Plus Jobs

Assign tasks to workforce with reminders


Manage workforce certificates & licenses


Add photos and files to each job


Assign materials from stock to a project


Time-sheets automatically update the job, status & resource levels


Job cards track progress & responsibilities


Construction job management is all about staying on top of your project. And what better way to do that than using a quality construction job software system, like BizPrac?

Construction Job Software, Built For Builders

Bizprac is construction project management software that’s been designed by builders for builders. It helps you stay on top of your jobs and makes managing your employees and subbies easier.

Bizprac construction job software allows you to easily manage projects from estimate to invoice and gives you job status and resource levels in real-time.

The Construction Job Management Process

Bizprac construction project software enables you to use job cards to check progress of a job and responsibilities

You can assign tasks to an employee with a reminder.  When they log in to Bizprac, they’ll see a reminder in the top right-hand corner of their screen. So no forgetting to tell Joe to order that stack of wood!

Timesheet information automatically updates a job’s status and the resource levels. Which means at any point, you know exactly how much time has been spent on a job and whether it’s in danger of becoming an issue for your team.

Stock status is clearly visible as Bizprac allows you to easily assign material from stock to a project, or a “Do and Charge” job. Stock levels are automatically updated. This allows you to easily manage your stock from warehouse to the project.

It allows you to schedule jobs, staff, resources and subbies so that nothing falls between the cracks.

You can easily add notes, photos and files to the job so that the team is kept up to date with a job’s requirements and status.

Construction Job software

Build An Even Better Business Reputation

Bizprac construction job software means that you’ll be able to rely on your schedules, collaborate more easily with subbies and your project managers and know the exact status of each and every job in real-time. Which means you’re much more likely to deliver on time and to the client’s budget.

Bizprac construction job management allows you to manage certificates and licenses for your workforce (both subcontractors and employees).  You can set an update details reminder so your workforce’s information is always up to date. Which means you’ll always be on top of the legal requirements and won’t be sending unlicensed staff to client sites!

It all means a happy client and a happy client gives you glowing referrals, which builds a better business reputation.

 It’s all down to choosing one of the best construction project software packages around, Bizprac.

With Bizprac construction project software, you can open a Gantt chart, in the Project Management view.  This means you can view each job in real-time to see how it is unfolding and progressing.

If you would like more information on how Bizprac can save you time and prevent errors, contact us by email or phone. We would love to help!