Construction Estimating & Quoting Software

At a glance…

Import Supplier Price Lists

Fast Estimates with Structures/Recipes

Import Bill of Quantities

View historical data on previous projects

Setup unlimited templates/structures/receipes

Built-in take off calculator

Apply staff charges as a real cost

Highlight missed items

Attach unlimited number of documents and links

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If you are reading this, you probably work hard to satisfy your clients in the best way possible. The last thing you need is an upset client. With Bizprac Construction Estimating Software you can take the stress off both you and your clients. Bizprac Software for builders integrates estimating with job costing, accounting and payroll. This means data entry, errors and your time are all minimised. Your construction quotes are accurate and professionally produced within hours.

Produce professional construction quotes quickly and effectively

We provide a revolutionary tool to help provide professional construction estimates. Take the stress off you and your clients, when you adopt Bizprac construction estimator software to provide your quotes. Bizprac is powerful yet easy to use software that integrates estimating with job costing, accounting and payroll. This means data entry is minimised and your valuable time is saved. However, even more importantly, the number of errors and potential money loss that’s saved is enormous!

Our builders using Bizprac construction estimating software discovered that job estimations are done faster and more effectively with an astonishing delivery time of 1-2 hours. A tremendous saving of time and money! Bizprac construction estimate software, allows you to implement a previous estimate and simply make the necessary adjustments, such as quantities, materials, labour, colour selections etc. so quote turnaround improves over time.

Multi-Purposed with Integration to CAD Software

Bizprac construction estimator software allows you to set up any number of templates for various projects. For instance, if you build a number of homes per year, you might have a template set up for each home design. Our construction estimate software can be used for both residential and commercial building estimation. Once your template is set up, simply import the Bill of Quantities from your preferred CAD program, or add/make changes from your price list library (being your own supplier prices).

CAD integration

User-friendly With Countless Options

Bizprac estimating software also allows you to set up Structures (also known as recipes); again to speed up your estimating.

Structures are set up so you can simply drag your price list files into the estimate and change the Lineal, Square or Cube meter quantity. Materials will then be adjusted accordingly with no hassle. It’s literally as easy as it sounds!

Best Accuracy and Minimal Chances for Error

When you send your construction quotes to your clients using Bizprac estimating software, you now have the confidence in knowing that your budget is accurate. A handy tool is the missed items button which will reflect anything missing a cost, quantity, supplier or GST. If missed, this can be very costly for your builder retentions. One builder told us he forgot to add the GST to the roof in his quote. Needless to say, he is now using Bizprac!

Professional All-In-One Reports

Reports within the Bizprac estimating software are as detailed as possible. This means you get to preview exactly what is relevant to your business, down to the type of project or type of client you are dealing with. Why not save a few reports as you go, then your report is a matter of seconds.

Another great feature of the Bizprac estimating software is that you are able to attach an unlimited amount of documents to the estimate. These can be plans, subbie quotes, or any other relevant documentation so it is all found in the one place.

Bizprac estimating module enables you to create professional, accurate quotes in a fraction of the time. Go ahead, contact us to learn more or view an obligation-free demonstration.