Author: Brett

There is always a right and a wrong way to get a job done


The video ( see link below) shows a guy standing on top of a three storey wall, demolishing the wall with a sledge hammer. Guts..? Stupidity..? Workplace culture, necessity, maybe so, but it is only a matter of time until someone get seriously hurt, and then he’s not earning anything anymore (except with a tin cup).

Tips to speed up your computer system


A thing we hear a lot, especially in our support department is, “geez my computer is running slow for some reason”. While there are many possible reasons why this is occurring, and you can pay your IT guy big dollars… Read More

Perpetual license vs. subscription license

As many of our clients know, a few years ago Bizprac made the decision to change the way we provide our software to the construction industry. Software as a Service and subscription based licensing is the natural progression of software services and offers significant benefits to the customer.

Don’t be a Schmuck Builder. Use these Builder Tips

The 3 rules to live by…
A “schmuck” builder ignores or is blinded to the core reason for tendering on any job. The core reason to quote or tender for a job is to generate revenue to (1) cover all the jobs costs, (2) contribute to a share of the business overheads and (3) deliver a respectable profit to the business.

Cloud Storage is it a good idea?

The term “cloud” is quickly becoming the buzz word when people talk about ways to store their digital files. While physical storage medium, such as DVD, USB sticks and powered external hard drives have been the go-to device when backing up precious information, it is becoming more and more common for people to store that information “off-site”..