Asset Management

At a glance…

Keep track of valuable equipment


Categorise assets


Know equipment cost per hour


Manage equipment depreciation and servicing schedules


Move from reactive to predictive maintenance


Maintenance alerts


Construction asset management is vital for a building and construction business.  There’s nothing worse for your reputation and your client’s blood pressure if you “lose” an asset or it breaks down when it was scheduled to a specific client’s job. It’s easy to lose track of an asset or to miss a scheduled maintenance if you’re manually managing your construction assets.

Construction Equipment Tracking

Construction asset tracking using Bizprac allows you to categorise your assets.  Not only can you track them but you can also schedule them to future projects. That means Bizprac construction asset tracking won’t let you misplace your valuable assets.

By using asset categories in Bizprac, you can ensure your high-value assets, like excavators and trucks, are monitored extremely closely and worked to the max.

Smaller items like tools can be assigned different asset categories since they have a lesser value and may not have maintenance schedule requirements.

Construction equipment tracking

Maintenance Through Construction Equipment Management

Often asset maintenance can be a forgotten task. Bizprac construction equipment management ensures that you can build a maintenance schedule that automatically lets you know when each asset requires maintenance. That means there’s less chance of breakdowns at inconvenient times or locations.

You can move from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.  This means you can maintain or service assets before they break, rather than facing an embarrassing and costly breakdown in the middle of a job.

Using Bizprac’s automatic maintenance alerts reduces the instances of an asset’s costly downtime. Maintenance can be carried out before parts fail on a job.

Our construction asset management system enables you to automatically manage your warranties.  This enables you to take full advantage of the free service and maintenance supplied by the vendor.

Maximise Profit With Bizprac Construction Asset Management

By using Bizprac construction asset management software you can manage every item of your equipment. The software works out your asset’s depreciation and their servicing schedules.

You now know your equipment’s operating costs per hour so you won’t lose money when you quote hours of use on a job.

Use Bizprac construction equipment tracking to track assets, equipment costs and reduce equipment downtime so you maximise your business profit!  Make your assets pay their way with Bizprac!

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