Why Your Building Company Needs Bizprac

Our Client’s Know That Bizprac Is THE Construction Management Software

They recognise that Bizprac, proudly made in Australia, is designed specifically for building and construction companies. They know how quickly and easily Bizprac can integrate and simplify your business processes using this award winning building and construction management software. In short, they know that Bizprac can save their business time and money.

Bizprac’s proven estimating, financial and construction software technology represents decades of working alongside builders and construction companies. The end result is a seamlessly integrated construction management software package to make your business run smoother and much faster. You will be able to handle all your estimating, ordering, invoicing and paperwork with ease. You will also be able to manage your profit whilst watching your costs, simply by taking advantage of its uniquely designed construction software.

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In the list below are the highlights of Bizprac. To get a really good feel of how Bizprac construction management software can deliver the results you want, contact us. Let us show you how your business will be better off with Bizprac.

Why Your Company Needs Bizprac…

Fully Integrated
  • Single data entry
  • Prevent errors, avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes
  • Reduce administration time, spend more time with your family
  • Watch our video on why fully integrated construction management software is important here

Know your profit position at any time
  • Know your exact costs – import supplier costs & know your actual staff costs
  • View actual costs vs budgets for each job in real time
  • Ensure you are making a profit from each job
  • Watch our video “know your costs from estimate to completion” here

ATO compliant Builders Retentions
  • Setup once for each project, automatically calculated on invoices and quarterly BAS
  • Ability to set-up the tiered breakdown
  • Handles back charges

Improve your business reputation & Grow Your Business
  • Bizprac provides your business with efficient, repeatable processes so you can grow your business
  • You will know the status of each job at any time so you can communicate professionally and knowledgeably with your clients, subbies and suppliers
  • Bizprac enables you to make a profit on each job so you will be able to pay your bills on time

Single Touch Payroll Compliant
  • Bizprac’s payroll module is fully ATO & STP compliant

Create accurate estimates fast and easily
  • Residential or commercial estimates
  • Produce professional estimate within an hour for a normal sized dwelling
  • Save time and prevent errors by importing the Bill of Quantities from your preferred CAD system
  • Save time by setting up a template for each house design (unlimited)
  • The more you use Bizprac estimating, the quicker you estimate. Use a previous estimate and simply apply changes.
  • Simply drag your price list files into the estimate and change the linear, square or cube meter quantity
  • Reduce errors with the missed items feature which automatically finds missing costs, quantity, supplier or GST.
  • Attach an unlimited amount of documents to the estimate
  • Create a job from the estimate at a click of a button.
  • Watch our video on how to quickly and accurate estimate here

Quickly generate purchase orders
  • Purchase orders are automatically allocated to job, cost centre and 3rd level job costing
  • Email purchase orders with attachments or links
  • Compare prices and change suppliers whilst creating the purchase order.
  • Import price lists from supplier
  • Import Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and assign your supplier of choice.
  • Watch our video here

Upload your BAS with a click of button
  • Bizprac automatically calculates your BAS and analyses your data errors, for example; entries without GST, incorrect tax codes etc
  • Use your AUSkey to upload your BAS directly to ATO
  • Watch our video here

25 years of continuous development
  • A culmination of 25 years of continuous design, development and real-world use.
  • Feedback from our customers drives development
  • Modern design
  • Advanced features
  • Multi-user front-end
  • Proven SQL database back-end
  • Built with the latest development tools

Value for Money
  • Unlimited separate companies at no additional cost
  • Unlimited employees at no additional cost also
  • Free phone and email support
  • Comprehensive security
  • Feature for feature, Bizprac is the building and construction industry’s most cost-effective solution.  Don’t take it from us, listen to one of our customer who has used and reviewed many packages.  Watch the video here

If You’re Just Starting Out…

If you’re a new builder, you definitely want to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Managing your business with a generic accounting package, or a package that isn’t constantly updated to reflect industry changes, will make it harder for you to create the business you want. It’s always best to use a specialised construction management software, no matter what business you’re into. You can start off with Bizprac’s entry package and move to the big business versions as you grow.

It will save you time, money and frustration in the short term and the long term!

If You’re An Established Business…

Get Bizprac Premium or Bizprac Ultimate if you want your established businesses/company to grow safely, or you simply want to stabilise where you are right now. Bizprac delivers the power and performance you need to stay ahead of your competition. Modern technology and flexible processes allow you to monitor all aspects of your jobs, cash flow and profit centres as they happen. Watch in real time as events and financial transactions stream through your business.

Cash flow and profitability are transparent and highly visible. Bizprac gives you confidence in your financial decisions and lets you focus on your clients and projects. Knowing your business is under control is a great stress reliever.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say.

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