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Beech Building Contractors

I started using Toolbox, now known as Bizprac, in approximately 1998, while it was free. At that stage, before I started in Bizprac, I had been using a DOS-based estimating program, but found problems because it had no way to mark up the price or to see how the job was going. In ‘Toolbox’, I found I could always put in a profit margin and always see how the job was going.

I’ve never had a problem with ‘Toolbox’ and when it changed names to Bizprac, it is still the same, and it doesn’t impact my computer or bother other programs I have running. From the earliest days, it has operated the way I think it should and as a builder, I found it very easy to use.

I think one of the good parts about Bizprac was that I could easily see all creditor invoices and debtor invoices to do with the job.  I could easily see if materials or labour were more than expected and at the end of the job, I could know whether I had made a profit or not. I love the way if I enter invoices it can automatically work out the BAS statements and I can just send them off. I love the easy way of estimating, the easy way to add items in the estimate and to delete items; there is no other like it. It’s brilliant.

The ease of doing up a quote, and now with the new Quote Letter feature, it’s just getting better and better; they’re always adding new features and it’s really making my life so much easier. There’s no sense in giving someone a price and having no idea whether you are making money or you’re not, and Bizprac has always been good at being able to tell you quickly and easily, how much money you owe, and whether you’ve allowed enough in a budget.

In Bizprac, I’ve never found an error in calculation. The takeoffs are always correct. It’s software you can pick-up really easily. Anyone that says they can’t get their head around it, I think, doesn’t want to. I’m not a brain at software, yet I’ve loved it and got on well with it. With all the advances since I first started using Bizprac, there is no other like it.  Easy and accurate. There’s nothing you can’t find out easily in Bizprac about a job.

I’m very satisfied with the support I receive from the staff at Bizprac. Very satisfied. I’ve found that the team there always gets started quickly on any issues I have had. Whenever I ring up, I always get someone that’s happy to take my call.

I think it’s worth every cent I’ve paid, and I would certainly recommend Bizprac.

Malcolm Beech


A Leading WA Construction Company

We have been using Bizprac software for many years, and I have been working for the company since 2004. I love using Bizprac software. I have found Bizprac software to be a very user friendly program with many features that are extremely valuable for the building/construction industry.

I especially like their job costing, and although I am not entirely familiar with the estimating side of the system we have always had favourable comments of its ease of use.  I would recommend Bizprac software to any small to medium size Construction Company.  As well as being extremely user friendly it is also very cost effective.  When employing new staff, we find that they do not require a great deal of training and the system is very self-explanatory.

Office Administrator


Signature Custom Homes

Updating to our new server system has been a godsend!

Thanks to all, for your advice on what type of equipment to purchase and how to configure the set up.

Finally we have witnessed the conclusion to endless data corruption alerts and data loss.  I only wish that action had been initiated much sooner.  I realise, that we had to go through a series of elimination theories and ultimately prove that the final choice was the only confident solution to take.

Where once I was suffering interminable frustration and on many occasions close to either tears or termination, I now once again enjoy using Bizprac Software.  It is a wonderful program and not at all, the demon that it was considered to be at the height of our problems.

Having the new server system has injected new unimaginable speed to all the processes within Bizprac Software.  No longer do we tremble with trepidation as we can now confidently put Bizprac Software through its processes.

Thank you again.