Supporting Features

At a glance…

Complete email functionality

Document Management

Manage Certificates and Licenses

Extensive Group/User Security

Equipment Register

Company-specific policies and procedures

Extensive Reporting

Task List

Construction Reporting Software

Extensive reporting is contained within Bizprac and located within the relevant process area, e.g. Project Cost forecasting would be found in Job Costing module area Bizprac reports can be set up with your letterhead and have tools to highlight data

contained within. Bizprac reports can then be exported to MS Word, MS Excel; they can be emailed as an editable document or as a PDF document.

Construction Document Management

Bizprac construction software allows you to attach an unlimited number of documents within our Estimate module, Purchase Order module; Job Costing module, Notes on Debtors, Creditors and Construction Payroll module, providing you with a quick

access to relevant documentation. Emails can be saved to the computer and also attached if you deem it critical enough. Reminders can be set within Bizprac if documents have an expiry date.

Policies and Procedures

Bizprac Software for Builders allows you to have your own customised documented policy and procedures located within Bizprac, this promotes independence within your staff.