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Product support is included in your BizPrac subscription


At Bizprac, we are about helping you to grow your business and provide the necessary support and training; getting your business set up from the start, can maximise profits. Each business is different in the amount of training required so with a new purchase of Bizprac, we will take the time to understand your requirements, then tailor a training package to suit, this will form part of your purchase price.

Once you are up and running with Bizprac, you may become more aware of the deeper set of processes and want to expand your knowledge to be able to use these features; we then offer ongoing training on the core modules and processes. Some clients learn further through use of our videos available, but where a more personalised approach is required, we do offer customised training; available either on an hourly basis, or as a package.

At Bizprac we feel that training is really important, for a number of reasons, here are some:

  • It helps you get the most out of your Bizprac subscription, and using the processes and structures within the system will also help your business.
  • Profit leakage in your business/project can be through people not realising they are using an inefficient process and therefore taking much longer by incorporating manual systems to achieve the same outcome, which is already possible within Bizprac through automation, in half the time of a manual system.
  • If you have employees, providing them with the training shows you care about the development of their skills – and this can be quite motivating for a lot of people, who then in turn want to do more to help your business grow.
  • Once you or your people are trained up further, then you will be able to find even more ways of improving the productivity of your business. Reducing the work arounds, reducing any dependence on paper processes, making your estimating and other processes totally digital and repeatable – all these things will ensure your business will be ready to take it where you want to take it..!

What does Bizprac get out of this? We would like to think that if you see the benefits of using it in your business, you will tell others in the industry about us; as you know word of mouth is the best marketing!!

Should you wish to discuss training requirements, please contact us:
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