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Bizprac Software for Builders

Who we are as a company

Today, Bizprac is the software for our industry. We are (ex)builder owned and run. We have a long history in the building and construction industry and we are committed to assisting builders become successful. Unfortunately there are a lot of builders that have not made it over the years. This game can be complex and that’s why we built Bizprac software, specifically for builders. The processes to make you successful are built into the software, that is: one package that integrates estimating a job through to job costing, invoicing and then doing your tax with a single mouse click.

We have a history too, and starting as a small operation out of a home office in Bundaberg, over 25 years ago was the development of a product, called Toolbox Software, designed to cater for estimating and accounting needs in the building industry. Initially, Toolbox software; was offered free as advertising banners within the program, paid for the development.

With a vision to grow through creating success for more builders, the business was moved in 2000 to Brisbane and rebranded the product, to what we know it as now, Bizprac Software. Feedback from customers, meant that advertising was removed from the program and a subscription fee was introduced; an industry specific payroll was developed which further increased sales.

Over the next few years the company maintained a steady growth from the reputation of having a quality product which gained the respect of the construction industry.

Further feedback from Bizprac clients with additional needs saw the development of Bizprac Gold which catered for the niche requirements of some of our companies who had grown through using Bizprac.

Over the past couple of years, a dedicated team of developers have re-written the software into a modern computer-coding language, this allows us to be more compatible with the ever changing needs of not only the building and construction industry, but the ever changing ATO requirements and accuracy. So whether you are a sole trader start-up business or a well-established large company with specific needs, we have a product for you; we are one of the few products around that manage builder retentions with accuracy.

Together, the Bizprac Director, (as an ex-builder) with 45 years experience, and the dedicated staff from the industry, want you to create wealth for you and your families. Our goal, is to partner with you to understand where you want to take your business – then support you in the best use of the software to achieve your vision.

When you are successful – we are successful – Bizprac is software for our industry